Welcome to Urban Granola

Urban Granola is an eco-friendly online homewares store + ethical lifestyle blog. We’re about combining style with ethics and believe great style doesn’t have to cost the earth. We launched Urban Granola in 2015 to create a space to share our thoughts and ideas on sustainable living and build a community of like-minded people to inspire each other. 

We also wanted to create beautiful contemporary homewares that are eco-friendly and launched the next phase of Urban Granola in March 2016 with our online store. For us, it’s about putting a focus on sustainability and transparency, without compromising on style. We hope you love our designs as much as we do.

Who is Urban Granola?

We are Amanda + Nicole. We live in inner city Melbourne and have a love for interior design, fashion, beauty, food and good times. We're passionate about trying to live a sustainable lifestyle and are learning how to navigate modern life with the environment in mind. We believe that being happy, healthy and caring for the environment is not a ‘one size fits all’ lifestyle and there are many ways in which we can make a difference every day.


We believe that ethical living can be stylish.

 We live and create with sustainability in mind.

 We design + promote only well made items using sustainable materials and practices.

 We are by no means perfect; but we aim to make our business as eco-friendly as possible.


 Our cushions are made locally. They are digitally printed in Melbourne using water based soluble inks.

 We use organic and sustainable textiles. Our range is made with a blend of organic cotton and hemp.

 We use zips that are made from chemically recycled polyester. Both the zipper chain and slider are made from recycled materials.

 We use recycled PET cushion inserts, which are derived from recycled water bottles.

 We limit excess packaging and use recycled envelopes, cards and paper where possible.