We are slowly (and somewhat reluctantly) getting back into the swing of things here at Urban Granola after the Chrimmus/New Year break. It’s been pretty quiet here over on the blog of late (work and uni being major time suckers) but there are some new things in the works that we are pretty excited to share with you in the coming months – so stayed tuned.  We love our little green crew over on Instagram and it gives a joy sharing, learning and discussing our eco ideas and feel that it’s kind of manifesting itself into micro-blog of sorts. We want to expand on that a little bit and bring some ‘micro-blogging’ over here, on our, err, real blog and mix it up a bit with some short posts that lead to further reading. Every Friday we are going to be posting a round up of sorts that is somewhat themed on topics that piqued our interest over the week. And because we are coming off the back of the most gluttonous season of the year we thought food would be the perfect first topic (warning: prepare to feel guilty about xmas over indulgence).

Eating Right Can Save the World

Not matter what angle you look at our global food system from; it’s pretty damn broken. There is no denying the environmental impact of producing food for human consumption. From an individual stand point it’s difficult to know what impact you can make. Should I become vegan? Should I eat meat? Where is the best place to buy food? Should I buy organic? These are some questions I’ve struggle with myself and it’s really a personal choice that only the individual can answer. This article I read during the week offers an easy to follow comparison of different diets and the impact on the environment.

The End Of Plenty

If you want something a bit meatier (pun intended!) on this topic, you can tackle ‘The End of Plenty: The Race to Feed a Crowded World’.  This book really delves into the scientific side of the food system, covering the history of agriculture, modern agri-economic issues and looks to the future with what action we need to take now.  By no means an easy read but simple enough for the layman to get through. Having said that, I've been reading it for 10 weeks now, but my attention span is that of a gold fish at the moment.

Paul Greenberg: The four fish we're overeating and what to eat instead

Being popular isn’t always a good thing, not when you’re a fish anyway. Unfortunately our favourite fish species are also destroying the ocean. Coupled with increased consumption (that old chestnut) the current fishing system and the type of fish we are eating the most is just not sustainable.  Paul Greenberg gives us the low down in this TED Talk and offers some alternatives.

5 Reasons to Buy Local

The most popular post on Urban Granola to date, which makes us incredibly happy! It tells us that people want to know about the provenance of the food that they consume. They want to support local business, farmers and producers. They want to eat organic and ethical. We are heading in the right direction here.

Happy eating!

Nic x