Here are some books I think are great, worthwhile reads. Perfect for if you’re new to sustainability and want to get a deeper understanding that a blog or news articles (useful and necessary as they are) can’t give you. These are the kind of books to be reread, post it noted, scribbled on and kept handy for future reference.

Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press

Clare Press Wardrobe Crisis

An absolute must read for any fashionista. Clare is a fashion insider and writer for magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire. She takes the question of “Who Made Your Clothes?” and masterfully weaves it through fashion history, personal anecdotes and sobering facts in her charming, affable manner. We interviewed Clare about the book here.

To Die For by Lucy Siegle

To Die For Lucy Siegle

Lucy was one of the first prominent voices that helped bring sustainable fashion into the mainstream conversation. This book forms the basis for the seminal doco “The True Cost” (which we reviewed here). Needless to say if you are passionate about ethical fashion, this book should be on top of your reading list.

Slow by Brooke McAlary


Brooke takes her personal journey to the slow living lifestyle, learnings from her much loved blog The Slow Home and award winning podcast of the same name to create a part memoir, part practical guide on how to live a simpler life.

Fair Food by nick rose

Fair Food Nick Rose

This book is a collection of stories from leading figures in the Australian food industry. It talks of a broken food system, big supermarket influence, corporate bullying and how we can transform the system for the better by connecting at a grassroots level.

I would love to hear your recommendations on books about sustainability and eco-living that changed you, made you think, shocked you and inspired you.

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