Modernism Week is an event held every February in the home of modernist design, the resort city of Palm Springs. This Californian festival is a celebration of all things mid-century modern from architecture, art, fashion and culture set in the scenic backdrop of desert and mountain vistas. 

We have been scrolling through our instagram feed all week looking at the wonderful images from the lucky ducks that attended this year. Hopefully we can go next year!  

Palm Springs is the town to hang out by the pool and they certainly know how to do it in style. Love how the azure pool matches the sun beds.....

Great inspiration for warmer days #PS #modernismweek2017 #poolside #intagliodesign

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This is our favourite image! What is not to love? This is one of the rooms from super design blogger, Kelly Golightly's collab with the Christopher Kennedy Compound.


While this is installation was created for the Desert X Festival it has coincided with Modernism Week and it's such a marvelous concept that we had to include it. It's called Mirage (for obvious reasons) and is a house clad in mirrors to reflect the desert landscape.

Mirage #modernismweek

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We are a bit obsessed with front doors to the point that we have a Pinterest board specifically for front door inspo. As they say, first impressions count! The folks at Modernism Week must agree because they had a tour dedicated to the front doors of Palm Springs. And boy, does Palm Springs know how to do an impressive entrance. Bright doors are the standard but we couldn't go past this moody black door with a bit of a Moroccan feel with the archway.

Mirage #modernismweek

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We discovered our new favourite colour combination - azure blue and burnt orange (move over pastel pink and peach tones). Made even better here by some structural architectural elements and clear skies. 

Lastly, it's not a Palm Springs appreciation post without some cactus plants and breezeblocks!