It’s no secret we love instagram – our little community of sustainable/zero waste/green living instagrammers has grown at a rapid rate and it’s been a great tool for sharing ideas and discussing issues that really matter with like minded people. There are so many talented and considerate people who want to share their journey, inspire others and make a genuine difference towards reducing our impact on this planet. It's a very supportive community, with plenty of engagement and desire to learn from each others way of living. Part of our purpose at Urban Granola is to share these individual's ideas and perspectives in the hope that we can inspire others and learn or adopt new practices into our own lives. We have rounded up our list of our fave instagrammers, check them out, we hope you love them as much as we do! 

1.     Rocket Science – Anita Vandyke is a qualified rocket scientist, now med student. She is passionate about living a zero waste lifestyle and second hand fashion and has even written a super helpful guest post for UG on tips for second hand shopping. She loves easy environmental switches for everyday products, which sparked the hashtag #makethezwswitch. You can see more sustainable living tips @rocket_science

2.     Eco Warrior Princess - Jennifer Nini is the founder of Eco Warrior Princess and her blog celebrates and promotes eco fashion and a sustainable lifestyle, inspiring others to ‘go green’ @ecowarriorprincess.

3.     The Minimalists - Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus write about living a meaningful life with less stuff and focus on using minimalism as a tool for finding more time, more freedom, more experiences and more contentment. Follow via @theminimalists

4.     Fashion Revolution – A global movement and campaign to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion and inspire consumers to ask fashion brands #whomademyclothes? Check them out @fash_rev.

5.     Be An Unfucker – We love these two for their straight talking, easy approach to sustainable living. Caro and Vanessa are about getting us all to give a sh*t about the f@#ked state of the planet by simply changing one bad habit at a time – sounds doable right? Get all their tips @be_an_unfucker. 

6.     Sarah Wilson – Author of I Quit Sugar and Simplicious, Sarah passionately advocates minimalism, toxin free living and a waste free lifestyle. Check out her personal instagram @_sarahwilson_

7.     Trash is for Tossers – Lauren Singer, a New Yorker living a zero waste lifestyle, sharing her journey via her blog Trash is for Tossers and showing us all that leading a zero waste lifestyle is simple and possible for anyone! @trashisfortossers. 

8.     Faye Delanty – Super stylish Faye Delanty is an eco stylist and fashion commentator and founder of Fashion Hound, a blog about reusing and reducing our fashion footprint. We absolutely love her eye for second hand/vintage buys, her style is impeccable and we totally agree that “second hand fashion doesn’t have to mean second best” @fayedelanty.

9.     Sustainability in Style – Another of our fashion faves, Katie Roberts is an environmental scientist and used to work in the fashion industry. She is passionate about sustainable fashion and her blog gives us tips for creating a sustainable wardrobe, see her instagram here @sustainabilityinstyle. 

10.  1 Million Women - One of our fav organisations, 1 Million Women are about building a movement of women who care about climate change and want to take action through the way we live. Check them out @1millionwomen for useful tips or 1millionwomen.com.au and take the carbon challenge!

Who are you favourite ethical instagrammers?