Image Credit: NARS Instagram 

Image Credit: NARS Instagram 

The much beloved cosmetic company, NARS (who make people blush with their naughty names for their range of blush!) announced this week they will be launching in China later this year. This is bad news for animal lovers, activists and just decent human beings who like to buy NARS. You see, China has laws that require imported cosmetics and skincare to be tested on animals, which means by selling in China, NARS can no longer claim to be 100% cruelty and animal testing free. Fans have not taken this news well and NARS have received a wave of criticism including calls to boycott the brand.

NARS took to Instagram a couple of days ago to directly address this issue with fans and customers. The post was immediately hit with thousands of comments expressing outrage and disappointed with the brand's decision.

Fans were quick to point out the disingenuous nature of the announcement and explanation. 

"Advocate to change the policies in China instead of adhering to them which in effect, makes your statement above completely hypocritical and pointless", from @rachey_jt. 

Many stated that the reason why they purchased NARS was due to their stance on animal testing. 

"I loved NARS for their revolutionary makeup and their stance on animal testing, and to see this disgusts me", writes @kayla.ii. 

The Shiseido Group counts NARS among its large stable of cosmetics brands and would have carefully weighed up the risks of entering the Chinese market given the brands cult following among vegans and animals activists. The Chinese market is the biggest consumer market in the world and it's clear the Shiseido Group has wanted to capitalise on this. 

NARS claims to support IIVS (Institute for In Vitro Sciences) in their work towards eliminating animal testing globally. The link posted by NARS on Instagram leads to a page on the IIVS website about animal testing in China and it looks like there has been much progress made towards China adopting non-animal testing methods. However, NARS has made a commercial decision to go ahead with selling in China prior to the full abolition of animal testing. 

At this stage there doesn't seem to be any indication that NARS will reverse this decision. Hopefully consumer power and speaking out against this will pressure them to change their mind. If you don't agree with this NARS selling in China you can leave a comment on their Instagram post or send an email to the Shiseido Group here