I'm trying to keep my beauty routine fairly simple these days, because I have stubborn skin that is both oily and dehydrated at the same time with a touch of adult acne thrown in the mix - lucky me! For this reason, my skin care routine isn't 100% natural or organic but I definitely make an effort to understand what goes into the products I purchase and the philosophy behind the brands that make them. Here are some of the products I'm using right now and loving: 

1.     Lush shampoo bars. What’s not to love about these? Firstly, they’re naked so they’re sold with no packaging. This means less plastic packaging entering my household, which is definitely a win. Secondly, they’re simply gorgeous and have been fantastic for my hair. I’ve been using the Seanik solid shampoo bar, but there are heaps of bars to choose from for different hair needs. * The Lush shampoo bars contain SLS. Some people don’t like SLS as its a known skin irritant for sensitive skin and potential carcinogenic. However, SLS has a long history of safe use, especially in the quantities found in cosmetics. I’ll let you do the research and make up your own mind. ** Lush are working on an alternative to SLS, read about it here.

2.     The Environmental Toothbrush. Did you know that Australians dispose of 30 million toothbrushes each year? That’s a lot of toothbrushes ending up in landfill! I’ve been using The Environmental Toothbrush for a while now and feel like it’s far nicer to brush with than the typical plastic toothbrushes we're all used to buying. The toothbrush handle is made of bamboo and is biodegradable, plus it’s super stylish.

3.     Every Bit Organic Raw Hemp Seed Oil and Trilogy Rosehip Oil. I have been using organic rosehip for years and have added organic hemp seed oil to my beauty routine within the last twelve months. Rosehip is great for reducing pigmentation and fine lines as well as brightening skin tone. It’s perfect as an evening serum in the place of a night cream or if your skin really needs the moisture apply the rosehip to cleansed skin and then apply your night cream. Hemp seed oil is a rich source of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, reduces inflammation and redness and won’t clog your pores, which is great for those of us with congested skin. I use hemp seed oil as a pre-cleanser/makeup remover, evening serum and all over body moisturiser. It’s also inexpensive, which is an added bonus. 

4.     Homemade body scrub. I don’t use scrubs on my face, I definitely prefer chemical exfoliation to physical exfoliation because scrubs are far too harsh on my face. You will also be far more likely to avoid those pesky microbeads if you don’t physically/manually exfoliate using scrubs. That being said, I love making a homemade scrub for a good all over body exfoliation.  My favourite combinations include coffee grounds or sugar mixed with honey, coconut or olive oil to form a paste. Rub the mixture over your body to exfoliate in the shower and enjoy soft, smooth skin! 

5.   Thankyou Group hand wash and body wash. While these products aren’t 100% organic they are free from SLS, parabens, harsh detergents and mineral oils. The Thankyou Group is also committed to ethical sourcing practices, the products are vegan friendly and best of all are made down under. What I really like about the Thankyou Group is that they operate as a social enterprise that exists solely to fund life changing projects in developing communities. Want more info? Check them out here

What beauty products are you using that you're loving right now? Let us know in the comments below. 

Amanda xx