And absolutely rocking it. 

There is a shift in the online media and blogging world and it’s an ethical one; greenie babes are using their smarts and passion and putting a sustainable spin on fashion, travel and lifestyle blogging. Now, there is no reason why traditional blogging platforms can’t talk about serious issues like garment worker’s conditions, plastics in our ocean or cultural sensitivity when travelling and still make it fun and interesting? No reason at all, I say. These ladies show us how it’s done.  

Leah-Jane Musch AKA Un-Material Girl

Retailer turned sustainable fashion Youtuber, Leah-Jane Musch experienced a “fashion epiphany” after a life changing volunteer holiday in Brazil and which was the impetus to creating Un-Material Girl. Her blog and video series features ethical fashion designers, champions slow fashion and gives hints and tips on how to dress more conscious and ethically. Leah presents in a self-analytical style with enthusiasm and injects a sense of humour to important issues in sustainable and ethical fashion. She is one to watch! 

Monica Rosquillas AKA Girl for a Clean World

Anyone who has tried to tread lightly on the earth while travelling will know how dingin’ hard it is. Where on earth do you fill your reusable water bottle in a country where the drinking water isn’t safe or what the best zero waste toiletries are? Girl for a Clean World has the answers! Monica is an ex-environmental educator and avid eco-traveller and has been posting about her travels for two years on Instagram (and more recently a blog of the same name) where she shares her hints and tips on plastic free and sustainable travel. She recently quit her job and has embarked on a South East Asia adventure with her partner. Lucky girl. 

Alex van Os AKA Op Shop to Runway

While the cat is definitely out of the bag when it comes to the amazing bargains that can be found in op-shops (people donate some seriously good loot); there is definitely still an art to curating an on-trend outfit from an op-shop haul. Enter Alex van Os, a savvy stylist and second-hand shopping maven, whose motto is “second-hand doesn’t mean second-best”. Alex’s Instagram feed @op_shop_to_runway is chock full of thrifted looks and catwalk copies, you will totally be inspired to channel your inner bargain hunter and get down to your nearest thrifty to see what you can come up with yourself.

Erin Rhoads AKA The Rogue Ginger 

Blogger and speaker,  Erin Rhodes, is a champion of zero waste and plastic free living. What started out as a humble blog, initially documenting her switch to plastic-free living and then fully zero waste, has launched into a speaking gig where she shares her knowledge on TV, radio and in schools. If you are interested in living a life with less plastic, Erin’s blog is a great place to start, it’s a great resource for everything waste free living, particularly if you’re based in Australia. 

Do you know any super cool greenies that we should know about? Let us know in the comments!