A whole week dedicated to sustainable and eco-fashion. Pretty damn cool. Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, the woman behind the organic haute couture label, Green Embassy, and organic textiles, Atelier Zuhal, has taken her passion for sustainable and slow passion to the world stage by creating Eco Fashion Week Australia (EFWA), debuting from 23rd to 27th November 2017.

It will be a week dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the best in sustainable fashion through exhibitions, discussions, hands-on workshops and runway shows. It seeks to show that sustainable fashion can be just as stylish (if not more!) than conventional fashion and move away from eco-fashions hippy, daggy and crunchy image.

This inaugural event will take place in Fremantle, Western Australia. EFWA will feature designers with a passion for sustainability who create garments with recycled or up-cycled fabrics, use traditional hand-crafted textiles and use environmentally friendly fabrics (organic cotton, wool, alpaca, hemp, bamboo and silk). Many of the designers strive for zero waste in their collections and use locally produced products. As expected, there will be no fur or animal products featured any of the events.

 Image Source: Unsplash 

Image Source: Unsplash 

What can you expect to see?

EFWA Upcycling Challenge by Marilyn R. Wilson

21 talented designers from 12 countries have been challenged to create a unique up-cycled garment out of a men’s shirt for a runway show. The garment will showcase the designer's personal point of view and approach to design. One detail from the original garment must be featured in the finished product but otherwise, there are no limitations on the concept.

Eco DIY and craft workshops

There will be a number of different craft workshops held across the week including finger knitting, macrame, clothing repair and crochet. There are some unexpected crafting workshops too like ‘Re-purpose those pesky plastic bags’ which shows you how to turn disposable plastic bags into useful household items such as padded mailing envelopes, clutch purses and lampshades.


The 2017 Sustainability seminar, titled, ‘Disposable Plant’, is a half day event presenting and discussing fast fashion’s wide-ranging effects in areas such as the environment, ethics, locally produced, green design, sustainability, education and slow fashion.

Where can you buy tickets?

Eco Fashion week events are held across Perth, WA. Tickets for events can be purchased here.