With over 1.5 millions apps available via Apple’s App Store, there are plenty of apps to help you manage every aspect of your life. A wealth of information is at the touch of your phone screen, so why don’t you make things easy for yourself and download a few apps to help you go green and make ethical, sustainable choices easier? These are our top picks:


This app was created by charitable organisation Ethical Consumers Australia to give consumers the power to make better purchasing choices. It works by rating over 3,000 clothing, footwear and accessory brands in Australia based on labour, environment and animal criteria. Users are able to search their favourite brands to find out how well they perform and also provide reviews and feedback directly to the brand. Transparency is one of the biggest barriers for consumers making ethical purchasing choices and this app takes the right step towards empowering consumers to vote with their wallets.


Australian seafood consumption and demand is on the increase which means over fishing is a very real problem. Maintaining fish stocks and ocean eco-systems is vital if we want to continue to enjoy seafood in our diets. The Sustainable Seafood Guide helps consumers make informed, sustainable decisions when purchasing seafood by using a ranking system on over 90 different fish species. It’s up to us to ensure that there will always be plenty more fish in the sea.


An invaluable resource designed to make waste-free shopping easy. This app is a must for anyone who wants to reduce the amount of waste they generate or is jumping straight into a 100% waste free lifestyle. The app is location based and works by showing bulk product stores where ever you are in the world and what items each store stocks. Unfortunately due to the ongoing costs of a maintaining an app it is at risk of being shut down. If you want to continue to see this app thrive you can donate here.


Recycling can be confusing and it’s difficult to remember what can actually be recycled (and it’s more than you think we wrote about it here, here & here!). This handy app, created by Planet Ark, is a great go-to resource for finding the correct disposal method and your nearest waste facility. This app is only for Australia, covering over 500 councils, but if you search the app store there are plenty of similar apps globally.