Stuck on what to buy your Mum this Mother's Day? Here are our top eco-friendly gift ideas that any Mum will love. 

Indoor plant in a statement pot

Forget flowers - they don't last very long, have possibly been treated with chemicals and are often imported. For a green alternative we love a bright statement pot with either a cactus or fiddle leaf fig. Indoor plants having many benefits including improved air quality, reduce stress and assists with concentration. Pop and Scott and Design Twins sell beautiful pots that are made in Australia. 


Thank You body care

Pamper your Mum with skincare products from Thank You and help those in need. Sales of these products help fund hygiene and sanitation projects in developing nations. They are also just really lovely products and also happen to be what I have bought for my Mum. 


Organic wine

Not only is it better for the environment as no pesticides are used on the vines, certified organic wine also contains half the amount of sulfur as regular wine - this is the stuff that gives you a shocking hangover (along with alcohol of course). Some brands to look out for in the bottle shop - Angove, Babich and Gardners Ground.


Sustainable chocolate 

Does your Mum have a sweet tooth? Then some chocolate might do the trick for a Mother's Day gift. I really like Haigh's chocolate. This Australian family owned company are big supporters of environmental causes such as saving native Australian wildlife and employ many green iniatives. Plus their dark chocolate freckles are delicious!