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We are not the biggest fans of the word JOURNEY (it’s one of those over used buzzwords) but that word definitely sums up our blog. This blog is about documenting our journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. We are busy modern women who like all the usual things that an inner city life affords- shopping, coffee, culture, nights out, restaurants and more coffee! Until recently we didn’t give much thought about our footprint on this planet. Friends for 20 years, we found our conversations turning towards our impact on the environment and how our choices are affecting the health of the planet and those around us. These conversations in turn led to a lot of personal research on ways to reduce our impact and live a better life with care and consideration. This journey still continues, as we strive to make changes to our lives (no matter how small) and learn more every day. We didn’t want all this useful information to go to waste so we thought we would jump on the blogging bandwagon and Urban Granola was born.

 Our aim is to make adopting a sustainable mindset easy, enjoyable and fit within our modern and busy lifestyles – we are not 'hippies','greenies' or 'tree huggers' BUT we are a little granola (see urban dictionary). We do however; genuinely believe big things come from small beginnings! If through our blog we get one person interested in the issues facing the environment today, then we have a made an impact.

This blog is a collection of our interests and the issues we feel are important (or just downright awesome). Posts will vary from the latest ethical beauty products to visiting local producers, the latest interior trends and overseas travel.  It’s a little bit random, like us, but always authentic and from the heart. By the way, we live in Melbourne (though hail from sunny Brisvegas) and it is without a doubt the best city in this country so it will feature often on this blog. We do get out of the city from time to time, so don’t worry if you’re not a local, we will try not to ramble on about how great this city is.

We don’t want this to be a one-way conversation. We want this to become a community where we can all share and learn together. Don’t be shy – comment or follow us on social media (links below) – we love to chat.

 So excited to have you come along on this ‘journey’ with us.

 Amanda & Nicole

 PS. We strive to make our posts as accurate as possible but we are human (with full time day jobs!) which means we aren’t perfect and do make errors. If you spot a mistake please don’t hesitate to leave a respectful comment or send us an email.